Following Christ through Holy Week

MERIDEN, CT (04-12-2019) - We, Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, invite you to follow Christ with us through Holy Week as we share each day a short video about the theme of the day. Since 1978, our  Community throughout the world has celebrated Holy Week with a unique focus for each day, based on the event of Christ's Passion commemorated in the day's liturgy. As we strive for holiness, our human nature can pull us back in fear and hesitation, and at the same time, impel us forward [...]

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It’s pruning time in the Homestead Orchard!

MERIDEN, CT (03-28-2019) - Late winter-early spring means pruning time for the Sisters who care for the Homestead Orchard at the motherhouse. Sister Francesca Silver had a helper as she went about her work. Sister Faith Marie Woolsey caught these photos of the favorite four-legged volunteer named Emmie-Sunshine. The Homestead Orchard is dedicated to Mother Rita Brunner, FSE who managed the fruit trees at the Franciscan center in Lowell, Michigan, for many years. The Motherhouse Community looks forward to delicious apples, peaches, nectarines and pears, thanks to the [...]

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Sister Mary Timothy Prokes, FSE explains “Why we wear a habit”

FALLS CHURCH, VA (03-27-2019) - In an article in the Arlington Catholic Herald, Sister Mary Timothy Prokes answers the question, "Why do you wear a habit?" See her answer. Sister Mary Timothy is a noted writer and theologian who has the unique gift of expressing deep theological principles in ways that are understandable to the "man on the street." More about Sister Mary Timothy.

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Banana Peels and “Laudato si”? Ask these scientists!

LOWELL, MICHIGAN (03-21-2019) - Sister Damien Marie Savino, FSE, Ph.D. and Dr. Philip Sakimoto of the University of Notre Dame presented an engaging talk on"Banana Peels and Climate Change: A Daily Examen" at St. Robert of Newminster Parish, Ada, Michigan on March 21. Using principles expressed by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato si': Care for Our Common Home, the two scientists proposed a daily examen of the events of each day and how that might lead to practical steps to increase one's personal caring [...]

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