Our Life

We make a life commitment to God, to the Church and to one another to be bonded together in the profession of Religious Vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience in community.

We dedicate ourselves to serve the needs of the people in centers throughout the world, providing stable, nourishing centers of life.

We wear a religious habit and veil as witness to our interior commitment to be a “sign of contradiction,” to be women totally given to the Church’s mission throughout the world.

We wear a simple cross of nails with a circular band of metal signifying the penetrating power of the Cross and the integrating power of the Eucharist.

We pray daily in community. Our Eucharistic dedication impels us to a life of prayer and becomes the way of integration for the activities, creative tensions and problems presented to us in our various works.

We expect ongoing professional excellence of one another, incorporating each Sister’s talents into a network of interrelated services.

We enter into human relationships that bring us into psychological and spiritual wholeness.

We are bonded together in trust, sharing all important decisions in common.

We believe in a structure of authority, which, as spiritual touchstone, challenges the community to more intense levels of faith.

We collaborate with other Religious Orders of men and women to serve most fruitfully the mission of the Church.

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