Charism & Mission

The charism of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist is to be a Eucharistic Marian Body of Hope, a “Eucharistic field” (in likeness to a “magnetic field”) capable of calling forth the joyful dignity of another’s being.

Our mission is to restore a sense of the sacred, especially the sacredness of human life, in a world that knows the rupture between the sacred and the secular.
The particular poverty we embrace is the poverty of the human spirit resulting from a loss of respect for the human person. Our vowed consecration to Christ and His Church calls us to be a Franciscan Body of Hope personally, professionally, and spiritually prepared to respond creatively “to the questions posed today by the anxieties and the urgent needs of the human heart” (Vita Consecrata, 81).

We recognize the unique call to holiness of the lay faithful, consecrated religious women and men and ministerial priests, and the dynamic complement of these distinct vocations. Aware of the ecclesial need for building the fullness of the Church, we consistently promote this synergic interrelationship as a way of fulfilling our feminine Franciscan Call to “rebuild the Church” in the complement spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare.

Our charism emboldens us to face prayerfully the following issues as our particular focus in our mission of rebuilding the Church:

  • The mystery of the human person
  • Authority
  • Relationship with created matter as opposed to virtual reality
  • The Eucharist, the Real Presence