Every ministry of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist is an expression of our Call to be a “Eucharistic field” for others. In likeness to a “magnetic field,” a Eucharistic field attracts others, within an aura of influence, to come in touch with the loving power and grace of the Eucharist, with Christ’s presence today.

Likewise, every apostolic endeavor of the Community is an expression of our mission to promote the dignity of the human person and to heal the rupture between the sacred and the secular in our culture, especially, the rupture with respect to the sacredness of human life. We do this in many ways which become the medium through which we carry out our mission.

Our local communities of Sisters include those who work in FSE sponsored ministries and Sisters who serve in other agencies or organizations. This mix of apostolic endeavors creates a climate of creative exchange, outreach and awareness of the many needs of the locale.