Sister Johanna Paruch, FSGM, Ph.D. presents on Blessed Newman

MERIDEN, CT (03-12-2011) - The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist had the pleasure of hosting a workshop by Sr. Johanna Paruch, FSGM, Ph.D. who shared her reflections on the life of Blessed John Henry Newman. Sr. Johanna is a member of the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. She holds a BA in theology and elementary education from St. Louis University and an MA from the Angelicum, awarded after completing studies at Notre Dame Catechetical Institute. She also earned the Pontifical Catechetical Diploma. Sr. Johanna also earned an undergraduate degree in deaf communication. She did her doctoral work at Maryvale Institute, Birmingham, England.

Sister gave a lively and historical account of Blessed John Henry Newman's works and personality as a priest, Bishop and convert to the faith. She also linked his life as a catechist to her life as a catechist and her teaching at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. It was a day filled with excitement, laughter, prayer and reflection for everyone. Sister gave the Franciscans and their guests new insight into who Blessed John Henry Newman was and how he can affect our lives today. Brother Rufino Grealy commented, "It was very evident that it was not just Blessed Newman's writings that made him popular but more about his relationships and personality and that he cared for people and let them become part of his life in a very reverent and special way. The Love of God certainly came through as Sister Johanna shared who he was as a man of faith."

From left, Marsha Rabiteau, Brother Rufino Grealy, FBE, Mary Lou Peters, Charles Giampietro, Sister Mary Elizabeth Endee, FSE discuss the highlights of the workshop with Sister Johanna.
Sister Johanna shares her knowledge and love of Blessed Newman with the group.