Francis Opens the Gospels

Looking for direction for their lives, Francis and his first Brother, Bernard of Quintavalle, decided to go to St. Nicolo Church and open the Gospel three times to see what the Word of God said to them. Sister Jeanne d'Arc Paquette relates the story to us. St. Francis and Bernard moved with alacrity to follow the inspiration from the Gospels.

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Reflections on St. Francis of Assisi – Francis Renounces His Father

The famous account of Francis' encounter with his father and the bishop is presented by Sister Marie Benedict Elliott. This event marked a radical change in Francis' life as he dispossessed the benefits of being a son of a wealthy merchant and committed his life to serve his heavenly Father through a life of poverty.

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Reflections on St. Francis of Assisi

MERIDEN, CT (October 2020) - St. Francis of Assisi could easily be named "the people's favorite saint." On October 3, all Franciscans remember his death, his "transitus" with special services that commemorate the blessings he gave to his Brothers, St. Clare and her Sisters, and all his followers. The next day, St. Francis Day, October 4 is a major feast day for Franciscans and for the Church. Masses are offered in remembrance of him who renewed religious life and who upset the norms of the 13th century by [...]

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Sisters profess perpetual vows

MERIDEN, CT (08-23-2020) - The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist joyfully welcomed Sister Mary Kolbe Heffern, FSE and Sister Faith Marie Woolsey, FSE as perpetual members of the Community on Sunday, August 23, 2020. The Most Reverend Leonard P. Blair, Archbishop of Hartford, celebrated the Mass of Religious Profession in the Chapel of St. John, assisted by Reverend Matthew Gworek, Master of Ceremonies. Deacon Ryan Eggenberger of the Archdiocese of Detroit proclaimed the Gospel. The Sisters pronounced their final vows in the presence of the [...]

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