The Transitus of St. Francis

When St. Francis knew he was dying, he asked to be laid naked on the ground at the Portiuncula and there he welcomed Sister Death. With his grieving Brothers surrounding him, he entered eternity singing. Immediately, a flock of swallows circulated above as though they were carrying his soul to heaven. Sister Marie Benedict shares the account of Francis' final moments on earth.

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Francis Receives the Stigmata

At times, Francis retreated to Mt. La Verna, a high mountain that had been given to him and the Brothers as a place of contemplation. While deep in prayer, suddenly Francis was overcome by what he thought was a vision. Sister Jeanne d'Arc relates this dramatic spiritual experience that marked Francis with the wounds of Christ.

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The Call of Saint Clare

As a young woman, St. Clare of Assisi became an ardent follower of St. Francis. Under the mentorship of St. Francis, she founded the Second Franciscan Order, the Poor Clares. at San Damiano, the place where St. Francis first heard Christ's call to him to "Go, rebuild My Church!" Sister Marie Benedict shares the dramatic story of the beginning of young Clare's vocation.

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Francis Opens the Gospels

Looking for direction for their lives, Francis and his first Brother, Bernard of Quintavalle, decided to go to St. Nicolo Church and open the Gospel three times to see what the Word of God said to them. Sister Jeanne d'Arc Paquette relates the story to us. St. Francis and Bernard moved with alacrity to follow the inspiration from the Gospels.

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