Sister Judith Zoebelein, FSE recognized by Holy Father
as foundress of Vatican web site


ROME, Italy (2-16-2011) - Around 9 am Wednesday, February 16, 2011, Sister Judith Zoebelein, FSE received a call that she was to meet the Holy Father at noon after his audience. Sister had no idea that it was in the works, but the new head of the Vatican Internet Office wanted to celebrate 15 years since its founding on Christmas 1995. Cardinal Lajolo, who is responsible for the office, said that it would be the perfect occasion to invite Sister Judith as foundress of the web site. So it turned out that one of the events was to be meeting with the Holy Father as a staff. Thus, the call at 9 am to meet him at noon.

It was an exciting and joyous occasion for Sister Judith to meet with Pope Benedict XVI, a time that she will remember and cherish.

Vatican Internet Office Staff with Holy Father