FSE General Chapter elects authority persons
Pictured from left: Sister Barbara Johnson, Mother Miriam Seiferman, Mother Shaun Vergauwen,
Sister Agnese Hutchinson, Sister Suzanne Gross, and Sister Mary Roberta Connors.

MERIDEN, CT (07-15-2011) - The General Chapter of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist in session at the motherhouse is pleased to announce the results of the election held on the feast of St. Bonaventure. The following members of the Community were elected to serve for the next six years:

Mother General - Mother Shaun Vergauwen
Vicar General - Mother Miriam Seiferman
First Councilor - Sister Suzanne Gross
Second Councilor - Sister Barbara Johnson
Third Councilor - Sister Mary Roberta Connors
Fourth Councilor - Sister Agnese Hutchinson