Formation sisters' icon retreat an experience of prayer

MERIDEN, CT (08-14-2012) - An aura of total silence pervades the San Damiano Room at the Chiara Center as the postulants, novices and sisters in temporary vows probe the spiritual mysteries involved in the process of writing an icon. Under the master direction of Reverend Paul Czerwonka, an iconographer and priest of the Diocese of La Crosse, the young women are taken up with the beauty of this sacred process. "This retreat is far beyond what I expected it to be," is a common phrase heard as the sisters passionately spend hours each day working on their icons, praying together and reflecting on the meaning of what they are doing. Father Czerwonka advised them on the first day that each sister would need to spend approximately 60 hours on her icon. The time has gone by quickly as the sisters find themsleves deeply involved in each step of the process.

At left, Sister Monica Navalta, who professed perpetual vows August 5th, meditates on her work.





Father Paul Czerwonka leads the sisters in the icon retreat.