Pope FrancisFranciscan Community rejoices at the election of Pope Francis

03-19-2013. The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist around the world rejoice with the Church at the election and inauguration of our new Holy Father, Pope Francis! Our Sisters in Rome report that the atmosphere in the Eternal City has been "electric" since the election of the Pope, and our Sisters in Assisi shared that the people of Assisi are "ecstatic" with joy at his chosen name, Pope Francis.

As a Community, we pledge our faithfulness to our new Vicar of Christ and offer heartfelt prayer for the Holy Spirit's guidance as he begins his Petrine ministry.

We also pray that our holy Father St. Francis will intercede for our Holy Father Pope Francis as he reaches out to the universal Church in a spirit of hope and seeks to bring a "horizon of hope" to our world.

Mother Shaun Vergauwen, FSE, Mother General, has been present with the Rome Sisters during the events of the past two weeks, culminating with the inaugural Mass at St. Peter's Square this morning. The Sisters shared with the Community Pope Francis' card marking the occasion which was distributed to those present, and information from the Mass booklet about the Pope's Fisherman's ring which he received during the liturgy.
Pope Francis card Pope Francis card

Pope Francis Inauguration Card
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Fisherman's ringFISHERMAN'S RING

The ring, already a liturgical New Testament element, has been among the insignia peculiar to the Bishop since the first millennium. The one given to the new Pope today, called the Fisherman's Ring and bearing an image of St. Peter with the
keys, has the particular meaning of the ring that authenticates the faith and symbolizes the duty entrusted to Peter of confirming the brethren (d. Lk 22,
32). It is called the "Fisherman's" ring, because Peter is the fisherman Apostle (d. Mt 4, 18-19; Mk I, 16-17). Having believed in Jesus' word (Lk 5,5), he dragged the nets containing the miraculous catch of fish from the boat
to the lakeshore (d. In 21, 3-14)."Today too the Church and the successors of the Apostles are told to put out into the deep sea of history and to let down the nets, so as to win men and women over to the Gospel - to God, to Christ, to true life" (Benedict XVI, Homily for Holy Mass for the beginning of the Petrine ministry, 24 April 2005).

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