Sister AgneseFranciscan Sisters interviewed on NBC's Today show

ASSISI AND ROME, ITALY (03-19-2013) - Reporters from hundreds of news outlets swarmed the Vatican in the days surrounding the election and inauguration of Pope Francis. Given the fact that the new Pope's patron is St. Francis of Assisi, NBC's Maria Shriver requested an interview with Sister Agnese Hutchinson, FSE of Assisi (photo at right). Sister Agnese shared her insights about the life of St. Francis as she explained the frescoes in the Basilica of St. Francis to Maria. The story was aired on March 18th on NBC's Today show.

S JudithOn March 19th, Maria Shriver reported from Rome on the topic of women's role in the Church. Her interviews included three women religious, one of whom was Sister Judith Zoebelein, FSE (photo at left). Ms. Shriver had conducted the interview at the home of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist near the Vatican. Sister Judith has worked at the Vatican for over 25 years. Hear Sister Judith's direct responses to questions during the Today show.