Sister TheophaneMother Theophane Wurzer celebrates 70 years of vows

LOWELL, MI - On Sunday, April 28, the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist Community in Lowell celebrated Mother Theophane Wurzer’s 70th Vow Anniversary together with ten of Mother’s close relatives who arrived at the Center in a large rental van. Among them were five of Mother Theophane’s sisters and one brother.

Father Ray Bruck celebrated the Eucharist for Mother’s intentions. A festive dinner following the liturgical celebration included sweet and sour pork, at Mother Theophane's request. With a soft smile Mother Theophane said, “It only happens once in a lifetime!”

Mother Theophane’s parents, Barbara and Konrad Wurzer, raised their family on a farm near St. Lucas, Iowa. Mother is the eldest of twelve children, three of whom have died. Quilting is a special talent of the Wurzer-women, and together with Mother Theophane, they have through the years gifted the FSE Community with their artistry-in-cloth, especially for Christmas Fairs at the Motherhouse.

Wurzer family

Mother Theophane and family members in Lowell, Michigan.

Wurzer Family

Mother Theophane and her sisters.