Children enjoy new lambs, baby goats during summer series

MERIDEN, CT (06-30-2013) - Franciscan Summer Enrichment Experiences for children ages 6-12 have been popular in Connecticut for years. The program, held at the motherhouse of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, attracts young people every year and this year is no exception. A highlight of the first session, June 24-29, was the presence of two baby pygmy goats and the birth mid-week of two lambs. The children enjoy learning about the life of St. Francis, and experience first-hand the Franciscan Sisters' animals, gardens and large lawn, a perfect setting for outdoor fun and learning.

Baby goats, named Jerry and Dot, seem to enjoy being petted by Emma.

Everyone gets involved in a morning exercise game on the wide lawn.

Sister Mary Peter Ryan's group of eleven year olds made their "home base" under a weeping beech tree in the front yard.

As yet unnamed, the baby lamb, less than two days old, was a highlight of the summer enrichment days.