Book by Sister-scientist released at World's Fair in Milan

bread-coverOn May 20, 2015 at the World’s Fair, Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy, the book entitled “Food Technology: A Glossary of Terms and Concepts” by Prof. Claudio Peri and Sister Mary Frances Traynor, F.S.E. was presented during the International Conference  Designing a Resilient Future: Food, Technology, and Sustainable Development”.

For the purpose of defining a common language for Food Technologists and to take advantage of the unique occasion of EXPO 2015 to strengthen international links, the Italian Board of Food Technologists decided to prepare a Glossary of Food Technology Terms and Concepts. Professor Claudio Peri, who introduced the scientific and didactic discipline of Food Technology into the Italian Universities, and Sr. Mary F. Traynor, PhD, with more than 20 years of experience as the Scientific Editor of the Italian Journal of Food Science, accepted the invitation to guide and prepare the Glossary.

This first edition of the Glossary will be followed by a more inclusive edition, which will be a compilation of the knowledge and language of food processes worldwide. This global edition will contribute to new creative networking and greater mutual understanding among food scientists throughout the world. It is projected to be completed by 2018.

A loaf of bread was chosen for the cover as a symbol of the mission of Food Technologists. This powerful image speaks of the resolve to develop technologies that promote food security and food safety, healthy food habits, responsibility towards the environment, workers, cultures, and the biosphere, within an economically-based, scientifically sound perspective. Bread, a symbol of community and “sharing our daily bread”, is almost synonymous with the motto for Expo 2015 “Feeding The Planet”, but perhaps more challenging and inspiring.

Pope Francis participated in the opening ceremony of Expo 2015 on May 1 via a video message, in which he said: “I would like to make myself the spokesman for all our brothers and sisters, Christians and also non-Christians, as children whom God loves and for whom He gave His life: He broke the bread, which is the flesh of his Son become Man; He taught us to ask God the Father, ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ The Expo is a propitious occasion to globalize solidarity. Let us not waste it, but make the very most of it.”

See the front and back of the book cover.