Sister John Frances LaFever professes vows
Sr John Frances

Sister John Frances presents her request for vows to Mother Shaun Vergauwen, Mother General.

MERIDEN, CT (08-01-2015) - Sister John Frances LaFever completed two years of novitiate and professed first vows of chastity, poverty and obedience at the Community Eucharistic liturgy on August 1, 2015. Mother Shaun Vergauwen, Mother General, poignantly responded to Sister's request for vows with encouraging words and then received her vows.

Sister John Frances is the daughter of Kevin and Janet LaFever of Fairfax, Virginia. She received a B.A. degree with double majors, English and Religious Studies, from the University of Virginia. She presently is pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at Central Connecticut State University, and works full time at the Franciscan Life Center as a receptionist. Prior to entering the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, Sister John Frances was employed in the IT department of the Diocese of Arlington.

Sr John Frances

Sister John Frances professes vows as Sister Sophia Peters (right) and Sister Suzanne Gross stand as witnesses. Brother Leo Maneri, FBE assists with the microphone.

S John Frances

Sister John Frances signs the official document recording her profession of vows.

Sr John Frances

The Very Reverend Douglas Mosey, CSB blesses the new cincture Sister John Frances will receive as an outward sign of her being a professed Sister. The cincture has three knots representing the three vows.

Sr John Frances Sr John Frances

Mother Miriam Seiferman, Vicar General, clothes Sister John Frances with the blessed cincture.

Mother Rosemae Pender, Mother Foundress, blesses Sister John Frances.

Sr John Frances

Sister John Frances poses for a photo with her formation directresses, Sister Barbara Johnson, left, and Sister Maria Sena.