Project Description

Sister Therese Gutting, FSE

Sister Therese Gutting, FSE brings determination and energy to each new challenge she encounters. As Head of School at the Franciscan Montessori Earth School in Portland, Oregon, Sister Therese thrives on finding creative ways to turn problems into opportunities. Her strong belief in Catholic education motivates her to work every day to create an environment of growth and hope for students and staff.

Sister Therese majored in Education at Viterbo College where she received a B.A. degree and discovered during student teaching that she loved working in the classroom with children. Later, she earned a Ph.D. in Education with a focus on computer instruction in schools. For over thirty years, she taught and administered in Cloquet, Minnesota, where, in co-leadership with Sister Colleen Kimbro, she developed a successful elementary program for Queen of Peace Catholic School. She also taught at and served as Vice President of Fond-du-Lac Tribal & Community College.

In 2012, Sister Therese was missioned to the Franciscan Center in Bridal Veil, Oregon, and served as Associate Administrator of the Franciscan Montessori Earth School. In 2015, she was appointed Head of School, the position she currently holds.

Although she is skilled in administration, Sister Therese’s heart is with the children whose need for positive, growth-ful atmosphere underlies many of her decisions. She enjoys conversations with the youngest students and is inspired by their candid wisdom!

At home with her Sisters, Sister Therese likes to prepare meals for special occasions for the Community, as well as to care for the land of the center.