LOWELL, MICHIGAN (04-10-2017) – Sister Lucia Treanor, FSE, Ph.D. was honored recently at the Faculty Awards Convocation in Celebration of Academic Excellence of Grand Valley State University. Sister Lucia, a Senior Affiliate Faculty of Writing, received the Pew Teaching with Technology Award. The university published the following summary of the selection of Sister Lucia for the award:

Sister Lucia states, “I see each of my students as a unique and unrepeatable person.” While teaching writing, her methods include incorporating high expectations and diligent editing. She is recognized for demonstrating excellent traditional classroom methods of lecturing, as well as the ability to use technology to facilitate the learning. By using online software and computerized data resources, she allows her students to become uniquely engaged in the writing process. She creates websites, videos, utilizes clickers, and incorporates audio feedback into the editing process for her students. She has a long history of reviewing ever-emerging technology to assess its value in her classroom and sharing this expertise generously with others.

Sister Lucia joined Grand Valley State University in 2002.
The university published a video about Sister Lucia to highlight the contribution she makes to the university and especially to her students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNVuA2xu_M4

Congratulations, Sister Lucia!