Sister Carmina Rose

Sister Carmina Rose Muscat

Mother Miriam Seiferman, FSE, Mother General, and Sister Carmina Rose

MERIDEN, CT (09-02-2018) – The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist joyfully welcomed postulant Courtney Muscat into canonical novitiate in a private ceremony held in the Chapel of St. John, the motherhouse community’s chapel on Sunday, September 2, 2018. In her words of acceptance, Mother Miriam Seiferman, Mother General, gave Courtney the religious name of Sister Carmina Rose. Courtney expressed in her request for novitiate, her devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. “Carmina” connects her with the ever-present guidance of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It is also her confirmation name and the name of her great-grandmother, a name from her Maltese heritage. “Rose” is in honor of Mother Rosemae Pender, Mother Foundress. Courtney experienced Mother Rosemae as an inspiring witness to holiness. Mother Rosemae’s death during her jubilee Mass became a defining moment in Courtney’s discernment process. Mother Miriam assured Sister Carmina Rose that Mother Rosemae will continue to be a guide and inspiration for her life as a religious woman.

Sister Carmina Rose, daughter of Sam and Cathy Muscat of East Hampton, Connecticut, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut. She earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from University of Connecticut in 2016. Since graduation, she has worked for Hartford Health Care at Backus Outpatient Rehabilitation Network, Norwich, Connecticut, and the past 20 months at Hartford Hospital Rehabilitation Network Wallingford, an outpatient clinic.

The ceremony of reception began with a Scripture reading by Sister Collette Maritim, FSE, after which Courtney read her request for novitiate. Mother Miriam responded to the request, acknowledging the beauty and depth of desire expressed by Courtney. Mother Miriam then blessed the habit, veil and cincture that Courtney will wear. Upon returning to the chapel clothed in her new habit, Courtney received her religious name and was blessed by Mother Miriam, Mother Barbara Johnson, Vicar General, and Mother Shaun Vergauwen, Co-foundress.

During novitiate, Sister Carmina Rose will study the theology of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience and experience a deeper dimension of community life as she lives with her Sisters in formation. Serving the many daily needs of the community is a crucial part of novitiate training.

Sister Carmina Rose gazes at a photo of Mother Rosemae, her patron.

Sister Carmina Rose gazes on a photo of Mother Rosemae Pender, Mother Foundress.