MERIDEN, CT (July 2017) –  A new structure adorns the gathering space at the entrance of the Chapel of St. John, the Franciscan Sisters’ main chapel. A large set of chimes, a gift to the Sisters from the Franciscan Brothers of the Eucharist, now hangs from a wooden frame to greet all who walk to the chapel. The chimes are dedicated as a memorial to Mother Rosemae Pender, FSE, Mother Foundress, who died in June of 2016. The pathway leading to the chapel was dedicated as “The Guardian Way” in her honor the year before her death. Mother Rosemae was known as “Mother Guardian” within the Community in the Franciscan tradition of calling the Superior the “Guardian.” The chimes structure was designed and constructed by John Sullivan, president of Sullivan Brothers, LLC, who used wood from an elm tree that had to be cut down for the construction of an addition to the Sisters’ formation house. The 72″ chimes are named “Treasure in Heaven” by the manufacturers, Whimsical Winds. During her life, Mother Rosemae frequently suggested that the Community remember her and pray for her when they hear chimes. Indeed, she now is the Community’s “treasure in heaven.”