Mother Miriam Seiferman

MERIDEN, CT (07-17-2017) – Mother Miriam Seiferman (pictured above) was elected Mother General by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist during their General Chapter held at the motherhouse. Mother Miriam is the first Mother General following the terms of the Mother Foundress, Mother Rosemae Pender, who served from the beginning of the Foundation in 1973 until 2005 when Mother Shaun Vergauwen, Co-foundress, was elected. Mother Shaun was then re-elected for a second term in 2011.

Mother Barbara Johnson was elected to serve as Vicar General. Four Council members were also elected for a six-year term to assist the Mother General: Sister Suzanne Gross, Sister Mary Richards, Sister Raffaella Petrini and Sister Clare Hunter.

The solemn ritual of election followed nine days of prayer and meetings of the perpetually professed Sisters, and was preceded by a night of Eucharistic adoration as Sisters hourly prayed before the Blessed Sacrament for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Immediately before the Chapter of Elections, the Most Reverend J. Michael Miller, Archbishop of Vancouver, celebrated Mass in the Chapel of St. John for the Community. Archbishop Miller had presented reflections on religious life during the Sisters’ silent retreat in the days before the election.

From left, Sister Clare Hunter, Sister Raffaella Petrini, Sister Mary Richards, Sister Suzanne Gross, Mother Barbara Johnson and Mother Miriam Seiferman. In the background is a sculpture, near the Chapel of St. John, from which hangs a set of wind chimes named “Treasure in Heaven” dedicated in memory of Mother Rosemae Pender, Mother Foundress.


(From left) Mother Shaun Vergauwen, Mother Co-foundress and former Mother General, stands near the memorial chimes with Mother Miriam Seiferman, newly elected Mother General.


A final procession during the ritual of the Closing of the Chapter is led by cross-bearer Sister Jacinta Coscia, followed by Mother Miriam Seiferman, Mother General; Mother Shaun Vergauwen, Mother Co-foundress and former Mother General; Mother Barbara Johnson, Vicar General; and the newly elected Council members, Sister Mary Richards, Sister Suzanne Gross, Sister Clare Hunter and Sister Raffaella Petrini.