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Sister Zita Senzig, FSE

Sister Zita (right) with Sister Agnese Hutchinson (left) and Sister Mary Frances Traynor in front of the FSE house in Assisi.

A native of Lyndon Station, Wisconsin, Sister Zita comes from a close family who worked together on their family farm to support one another. Hard work and a cheerful spirit characterized their family life. It was in her family that she learned what has turned out to be one of her most renowned talents, homestyle cooking. In a typical midwestern manner of hospitality, Sister Zita has welcomed persons from all over the world to try her freshly baked bread or a delightful chocolate dessert.

As a Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist, Sister Zita believes in the sacredness of food as a symbol of the Eucharist and has taken pride in serving others as Christ taught his apostles to do. As a part of the center in Lowell, Michigan, Sister Zita now serves the community and friends through her daily prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

Sister Zita Senzig’s winning smile, hearty laugh and positive outlook on life endeared her to people in Assisi, Italy for over 26 years. Sister Zita’s compassionate care for others was a hallmark of her ministry in the hometown of St. Francis and St. Clare. Sister worked as a companion and aide to elderly persons who lived alone or were in need of assistance in their homes. She spent time talking with them, learning from them the treasured traditions of Italian family life and local customs; she shared their joys and consoled them in their sorrows.

Sister Zita is served a birthday cake by Sister Bernardone Rock, FSE on her birthday.