POCATELLO, ID (08-31-2016) – Sister Anthony Marie Greving, FSE was honored at an open house at the Southeast Idaho Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging for her forty years of service with the agency. Sister is retiring from the agency to focus on developing a retreat program with her Community. In a letter to Sister Anthony Marie, the Regional Administrator of the Department of Health and Human Services, Mr. David A. Ishida, expressed appreciation for her service: “I appreciate you for being fair, far thinking and hardworking. You have been a model of consistency and reasonableness. . . I applaud your leadership and successes.”

An article from the Idaho State Journal newspaper sums up the story of Sister’s forty-year career and the growth of programs for elderly persons under her leadership. Congratulations, Sister Anthony Marie on a job well done!

See article by Michael H. O’Donnell.