Rebuilding the Church

The Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist continue the call of St. Francis of Assisi to rebuild the Church. Like St. Clare, we are vowed religious women who embody the spirit of St. Francis and seek to enflame humanity with a sense of the sacred found deep within each person.

We are dedicated to the teachings of the Holy Father and maintain authentic perennial values while initiating new forms of apostolic service.

Our way of life is centered by the Holy Eucharist and strong community bonding. These lay the foundation for our many outreaches into the complexities of today’s world.


Our charism and way of life in community


Ten core values which form the fabric of the Community
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Where our Centers are in the world


Where to find us in USA, Italy and the Holy Land.
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Ways we foster the dignity of the human person.


An entire gamet of services – counseling, health care, education, land programs, web and graphics services.

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Considering a Call to Religious Life?


Is God calling you to consecrated life? Get answers to your questions.

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Our charism is to be a “Eucharistic field” capable of calling forth the joyful dignity of another’s being.

Our charism emboldens us to face prayerfully the following issues as our particular focus in our mission of rebuilding the Church:

  • The mystery of the human person

  • Authority

  • Relationship with created matter 

  • The Eucharist, the Real Presence

Our mission is to restore a sense of the sacred, especially the sacredness of human life, in a world that knows the rupture between the sacred and the secular.

Why We are a Garden of Sisters

Founded in 1973

Generalate and Motherhouse

As the motherhouse and headquarters of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, the Meriden center is the spiritual touchstone for all the centers. The Generalate offices and the residence of our Mother General and Vicar General are a key part of the center.

A Growing Community

As a Community founded after Vatican II, we have experienced steady growth since our founding. We are proud to say that each new vocation has been a gift. Many wonderful and talented young women have found new life in entering and becoming vital members of the Community.

Following the Footsteps

Following the spirit of Saint Francis, the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist see manual work as an opportunity to be co-creators with God in making the world a more ordered place. It is an opportunity to engage with creation in challenging, productive and energetic ways so as to become more human, as Pope John Paul II teaches in his encyclical “On Human Work.”


Remember the Rock from Which We Were Hewn

Mother Rosemae Pender, FSE

September 11, 1921 – June 26, 2016

We remember with profound love and lively joy, Mother Rosemae Pender, FSE, our Mother Foundress, who is our constant inspiration in our efforts “to rebuild the Church by being a Eucharistic Body filled with the dimensions of the Church” as she frequently urged us.

“I bless you all that I can and more than I can, and what I cannot do, I ask God to do in you.”

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